A Storybook First Birthday Party

Aria sitting on the floor at her first birthday party

Aria’s first birthday was storybook themed. It proved fun, and actually rather easy to pull off!  Here’s how I incorporated the storybook theme into her birthday, hopefully without going overboard!

Table Setting for First Birthday PartyHere is my center table. Don’t worry, there was a gate on those stairs!  I used a posterboard and put pictures from her first year on it with scrapbooking sticky squares, so I didn’t ruin the pictures. The cake was here, too.  Fresh flowers were a good touch and kept everything bright.

Storybook Invitation Artwork 5X7 - Two Designs

This is the invitations I used for Aria’s storybook party. I designed (I changed the info on this sample picture). It’s a custom invitation for $15.  Then, you print it yourself from home or at a photo lab.  You can buy it ($15 customized) here.

A Jar Used to Hold Winnie the Pooh Honey Jar Party Favors for Guests

Because there are so many beloved storybook characters to choose from, I kept to picking a few of my favorites to highlight. Since almost all of the guests were adults and teens, I gave people little jars of “hunney” and put pooh bear there to tie him in. My cousin, Molly, put together this adorable jar that we put all of the honey jars in.  I really wish she would have forgotten to get it back!  I bought these pink swirl suckers from Oriental Trading ($12.75 for 24 peices). They were also party favors for the first birthday party.  I used sticker paper and make little “Aria is 1” circles and pasted them on. Oriental Trading also does custom, personalized suckers and those with your photo, but it was cheaper for me to do it. I bought the suckers form Oriental Trading. They were well worth what I paid and none arrived broke or broke throughout the entire process!

An example of a vintage looking bookplate to insert in a birthday invitation to encourage guests to bring books instead of birthday cards

I included these bookplates in each invitation. On the back of the invite, I wrote: “And if you like, in lieu of a card, please bring your favorite storybook to help grow Aria’s library!”  I put four scrapbooking squares on the back of each one (not peeled so they weren’t sticky).  Just about everybody brought a book! Most brought cards, too. :  ) Now, I can start reading the notes that people gave Aria before the story begins. It’s a great memory for her to always have!

A green and pink first birthday cake with paper cutouts used to decorate the icing cheap and easy but looks great! 

Printable Storybook Characters Including the Lorax, Where the Wild Things Are, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Here was my cake. I used these printable paper storybook character clip art cutouts to decorate the cake (which I bought for relatively cheap at a grocery store).

An Example of How to Decorate on a Budget Your Party With Children's BooksChildren’s books became decorations, which saved a lot of money. Party decorating on a budget!

party13Luckily, she enjoyed ALL of her gifts.  Phew!

party1Aria’s aunt gifted me (and her) with a photographer at the party so I didn’t have to worry about getting photos. Not only were they MUCH better than I would have taken, but I was also able to focus on her, talk to guests, and enjoy the party!  I recommend getting a photographer to take pictures. Or, ask around to find someone you know to do it.  You would be surprised how many amateur photographers there are out there!

What are your storybook party ideas?  I’d love to hear them, along with any feedback you have for me!

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