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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Things to Do With Chalkboard Paint

Kid's Play Area Using Chalkboard Paint

I fell in love with chalkboard paint recently and went a little crazy with it. Maybe too crazy. I have little black spots here and there on my carpeting and clothes. So, chalkboard paint tip number one is to be

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How to Hide Unsightly Wall Vents and Hide Thermostats

Ugh!  I have a huge wall vent in my living room and many ugly wall vents throughout my house that drive me crazy. Decorating around them and trying to conceal their alien nature has proven to be difficult. It can

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10 Ways To Harness the Power of #GivingTuesday

Sample Thanksgiving Eblast for #GivingTuesday

Though this post is written for nonprofits, anyone who has a cause they care about can use these tips to make a difference. 2013 marks the second year of #GivingTuesday. You can read it’s history and get the low-down on what

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Pin The Tail on Eeyore

For a birthday party, I wanted to make a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game.  The party was Winnie the Pooh themed, so I needed to find a picture of Eeyore.  I found this little guy on Pinterest, so I painted him on canvas

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A Disney Villain Halloween Party

For my niece’s fourth Birthday Party, she had a Disney Villain party (mixed with other Disney characters and of course (her favorite) Nightmare Before Christmas. She dressed up as Sally. It was so cute! My sister bought a white cake

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Indoor Activities for a One Year Old

The weather is turning colder, so I needed to find more activities for my one-year-old to do inside. I am a working mom, so when I get home, I’m exhausted. I feel so guilty, but sometimes I don’t have the

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RGB Vs. CMYK Color Difference for Web

CMYK Logo (BAD) – See the neon color difference? That’s why images should be RGB (red, green blue) for web.  CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black).  What is CMYK? In case you’re REALLY BORED, learn what  CMYK

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A Storybook First Birthday Party

Aria’s first birthday was storybook themed. It proved fun, and actually rather easy to pull off!  Here’s how I incorporated the storybook theme into her birthday, hopefully without going overboard! Here is my center table. Don’t worry, there was a

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Aria’s Rain Gutter Book Shelves

Aria's Rain Gutter Book Shelves GraphicArtServices

How to make Rain Gutter Book Shelves My daughter loves reading, but at 15 months old, she can’t reach very high, and when she pulls a book of a shelf, sometimes they all come tumbling down with it!  So, my

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Facebook Posts That Get The Most Likes

the funny

I’ve been managing social media pages for nonprofit organizations for about 7 years, and juggling a few different pages for the same organization for a little over a year. Our agency opened a resale store to raise more money to

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Welcome to My Blog

The purpose of this blog is to share my work, thoughts, and ideas.   Have a look around and hopefully you find something of interest that you can add to or take back with you.  I’d love to have your

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